Yuko Kamei's website
Yuko Kamei
  亀井佑子 – Yuko Kamei’s works

Chocolate City
 Chocolate City
 山姆無忌 – Sam Wild’s documentary on gentrification in the Washington DC
plus: Sam’s Blog

Madi's studio
My Little Dead Dick
 馬蒂 – Madi and PatPat’s photography studio

Savagebeans Productions 
Savagebean Productions
 蠻豆 – Ken Barnes’s film, video and photography

 青木陽子 – Yoko’s lifestyle fashion website, from Japan to China

 瞳与田 – Hitomi’s photography

Rainbow Collective
 理查与寒南 – Richard & Hannan’s Documentary & Film Production

Maverick China
 小柯 – Dave’s China market intelligence

Paul Knivett
 保羅 – Paul’s architecture photography

Another Rock Youth
柴東新 – Chai Dongxin’s Beijing rock scene photography collection

I love Buyi
布衣 – Buyi band’s official website

雲 – Kenny’s Shanghai mag