“Magic stick!  Magic stick!” she said quietly outside the tube exit,  she was selling a huge bag of these wooden sticks with fluffy cartoon heads on them.  “Magic stick can massage your shoulder,” she said,”all different kinds of cartoon heads!”

Winnie the Pooh?  China Doll?  Hello Kitty? or…  I chose this donkey head and paid the 10 CNY (67 p).  How does it massage your shoulder?  You just knock it on your shoulder, the fluffy heads are quite tough and it feels relaxing.

I am not the only grown-up who bought it…


I love it!

But the shoulder reminded me of something scary:

2006.5 a man in one of the most famous Chinese up-rising companies – Huawei – died from Karoshi (Japanese word for “death from over work”);

2007 two more people killed themselves in the same company because (suspected) of work stress…

What are we embracing with the economic boom?