I was rushing back to office from a long traffic jam early afternoon when I saw this scene…  I knew I would see it eventually, since I am such a rickshaw fan…  But I didn’t know that the scene would turn out to be so relaxed and “peaceful”…  The gathered crowed were pleasantly amused: check out that half naked man and his delightful smile!  (I know, I should have taken a close-up shot, and you can’t tell much from this tiny snap..)  One policeman would like to test his own skills of rickshaw riding, actually I would like to do that too.

There was not much shouting, not much struggling…  Maybe that’s what you call “Absolute Power & Decision”.

One rickshaw man left free (left corner of the above pic), I don’t know why.  But the rest:


I remember speaking to a rickshaw man last night.  Rain was pouring like thick noodles in dark soup.  One police man, on his bike with an umbrella (no, not Charlie Chaplin, A POLICE!), was shouting at the rickshaws.  Competing with the sound of the pouring rain, he tried to scare away the rickshaws around the tube exit…  Avoiding the wet shouting police, the rickshaws lingered at a distance like timid mosquitoes.  I jumped into one, so that he could contently flew away.

“Why were you scared of him?  It’s so dark, so late, so raining.  He’s alone and could hardly cycle with that umbrella in his hand..”  I could not comprehend.

“You don’t understand!” the rickshaw man started shouting, “we all work in this area, the rickshaw people and them (Charlie Chaplin)…  Do you want him to hate you?  So that next time, when the day is dry and bright, he target only at you?…”  yes, that’s the theory…

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“To be or not to be…  Since 8.1…”