10.30pm outside my area – the fruitman was still there, under the yellow street light with his wooden cart full of big peaches, and seedless grapes from Xinjiang.  I bought some grapes, 6 Yuan (40p) for 600 g.

“I leave at 11pm, most of the time..” he said.

“So it’s almost time to be off from work!”

“Exactly.” he seemed happy.

As I walked away with the grapes, a woman stopped me softly, a bit hesitating and spoke quietly: “Excuse me, but could you please buy me some food?”

She, around 20, 30ish, was wearing simple clothes, suntanned skin (which mean differently in China than in London..), carrying a bag.  All the memories of being stopped by some random people who claim to have lost their way and money in Beijing came rushing back, most of them prove to have been seen by my friends at the same spot as well… sadly, and have asked the same question:  “Could you please buy me some food….(and eventually)… could you please give me some money for my ticket back home?”

But some how she seemed honest, simply because she seemed very embarrased to have stopped me, and she spoke so quietly that I am not sure if herself can hear it properly.  “I have just bought these grapes, maybe you can take them.  I don’t think we have any little shops open around here now..”  I showed her the little bag of grapes.

“…please don’t be angry if I say this…” she looked into my eyes, looking extremely ashamed and worries of my possible reaction…”  but could you please give me some m..oni…” my heart sank a little, but somehow still trusted her, simply because she seemed ashamed.

“I don’t have money, I am sorry… but please take these grapes.”  hesitated for 2 seconds, she took it..  “Seedless grapes..” I said to myself…