As I said in previous post, I was really looking forward to the 9.22 Car Free Week in Beijing…. previously.  So I have been looking for adverts on this event from the streets, from the tube exits….  but there was nothing.  Thousands of ads on Olympics Volunteering… hundreds of ads on Sales in the new posh mall…  more on job seeking and English language learning (here is an example)…  but there was nothing on the Car Free Day.

So I was really excited when I saw this poor little temp poster on the corner pillar in the tube station:


It is not even a proper ad like the one that I just showed you!  Just a piece of paper sticked on a wall that people would hardly notice!!  Oh well…  what do you expect?

The traffic this week in Beijing is nothing better than thick porridge, serious.  From early morning to late night…  and I had never had the intelligence of connecting it to the “Traffice Week” that the govt has carried out for the Car Free Day, until just now:

I jumped onto a rickshaw like I always do…  “Look!  These long long lines of cars are not moving at all!!” I looked at the traffic jam and felt lucky, asked: “Do you know why?  It was not this serious before..”

“Easy..  There must be some road block these days..  somewhere in Beijing..” the rickshaw rider said peacefully…

Hence I was enlightened: the govt has decided to block a few roads free from private cars during this week in order to welcome the Car Free Day.  And therefore:

Car Free = Traffic Porridge