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Is it really a month away from the Olympics?  I find it a little bit difficult to believe.  The sky is yet to turn blue, the support from the organising committee to foreign media is yet to gain any compliments…

I can feel the city unwrapping though.  The other day, I felt a little lost on a way that I have passed hundreds of times, then realised that it’s because the safety cover for the construction of the building has been completely removed, leaving a brand new building…  right opposite the Ministry of Foreign Affairs…  This happened several times to me, on different streets…

The little shop around the corner, where I buy flowers from, disappeared a few weeks ago.  This week, I found the little flower girl in a small cloth shop in an office building of the neighbourhood, with her flowers taking some space of the cloth shop.

“Why did you move?”

“The previous place is not good, too weary and old.  It will be knocked down.” she said.

“Will they do it during the Olympics?”

“Maybe not, but they’d still close those little shops down during the Olympics, for a better-looking neighbourhood.  Don’t you think that’s the right thing to do?” she’s looking for confirmation in my eyes.

I bought my flowers, and left.  Even the flowers smell of Olympics now.  Maybe Games are indeed approaching soonish!

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