Some say that one of the biggest differences between the Chinese human resources and the Indian ones are that the Indians speak professional English (despite of the accent), which means no communications barrier between the global team and the local, whereas the Chinese find it much more difficult when it comes to the language.

Hence this advert in the Tube stations all over Beijing, plus tons of other funky ads…  A bit weird picture, isn’t it?  Why on earth should someone show such a happy face when tied up together like this?  I don’t know…  Looking more like a cartoon for a hypocritical marriage…  Anyways, has anyone heard about the “Harmonious society” theme that the govt. is promoting in this country?  Maybe this is a “Harmonious” example.

Enough for my rant, let’s read:

Top line: 24 Hour “Private English Coach”

Second line: Individualised tutorial, social activities, network (meaning the Internet), study English literally anytime anywhere

Yellow round thing: Register immediately, receive free course worth 4000 CNY (27GBP)

And don’t forget to take a look at the white little square on the top left corner.  See the Olympics colourful circles?  You will see this on a lot of products, bands in China now… meaning they are related to the Olympics 2008.  How?  I will need to find out…  but I know it has somehow become a symbol of quality…

Hmmm… actually, why don’t you come next year yourself and test how Chinese can welcome the foreign Olympic guests with fluent English language?  I can’t wait to see that… hopefully the girl and the white guy have been released from the rope knot by then.