7.30pm outside a residence area – I remembered last time I saw him was a week ago.  Squatting with a bagful of DVDs on the pavement in pitch dark quietly.  I wondered if anyone would ever notice his existence.  Now he was surrounded by 5 or 6, exploring into his collection.

“What is the quality?” I asked, as I picked up a random one – “Starter for 10”.

“Old ones like that are definitely DVD quality, no doubt.  But the latest ones are slightly…” he’s frank, and speaks fine Mandarin.

He is there almost everyday from 7pm to 10pm, and earns up to 70 Yuan per night (4.7 GBP)… he seemed happy and proud as he announced the statistics to me after the crowd vanished..  This is not his main occupation.

“You like Chinese old movies?” he searched through his pile.  Don’t know when a random old man in his worn undershirt has stopped by and turned on his torch for us.  (Why he took his torch for a walk?  I have no idea.. ) “These days, they like to buy TV series from me, especially the Korean series.  But I will bring some old movies tomorrow..  You know?..  They all buy from me.” he pointed at the posh residence area behind him…