Today is Bryan’s birthday.  4 years ago, we celebrated at a spicy place outside the campus, very tasty food!  For work reasons, I went back to the campus this morning.  I feel lucky to be able to do so on Bryan’s birthday and show him a little bit of how the place is now.

As soon as I got off from the bus outside the East Gate, I spotted the pagoda.  That ancient thing now gives me the feeling of home and peace…


So here I come again: Peking University.
It kept the name Peking, because it was founded over 100 years ago, and was call Peking Univ. since then, having no intention to change the title…  I love it!


The picture above is called the “Triangle Place”.  This is one side of the triangle.  It’s the BBS in the pre-internet age.  Mao used to put revolutionary posters on it.  Yes, the Mao as in Mao ZD.  He used to work as a librarian in our university.  Now it’s full of posters of second hand IBM notebook / bike.., or ads for amazing MBA courses.  Oh, well…  maybe there IS a slight difference in the pursuit of people around this “Triangle Place” now from that of Mao’s time…  Maybe…


This is one of the busiest road in the campus, shops on the right hand side, and girls’ dorm at the other.   Hmmm….  I wonder why guys are getting so skinny nowadays?!!  (See guy in white… sigh…)


In the university, like in many houses in China, people keep boiled water in thermoses like this rather than boil it whenever they need to use and might waste the whole lot that didn’t get used eventually.  Students leave their thermoses outside what’s called the “Water House”, so that they can pick them up and fill them with boiled water and carry them to dorms on their way back from class.  Not much has changed, except the new massive building for the Olympics Ping Pang games…  and that the thermoses are much bigger and more colourful than the ones we used to leave outside the “Water house”…


Happy Birthday, Bryan!