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Have you ever wondered why the Olympics Beijing will open on the August 8th 2008? 888?  Why?  I am not sure, but it might have a connection with the craze for lucky numbers in this country.

If your Chinese boss ordered you to buy a new mobile number for him and you got him something like 13xxx4xx4xx, wait and see how he’s gonna react.  He is NOT going to be happy.  Because 4 is pronounced as “Si” in mandarin, same pronounciation with the word “Death”.   So do try to avoid this number when you are giving gift to a Chinese (a traditional one).  People sometimes judge another person , to some extend, by the mobile number he/she has – if the number has a lot of 4s, it means it is a cheap number, because no one wants mobile numbers with 4.

Oh yes, mobile numbers’ prices vary in China: 4? cheap… 8? expensive…

It’s funny when you think about this: in China, all the mobile numbers start with 13.., like 07 in the UK, and (correct me if I’m wrong) it’s an unlucky number in the west, but we dont’ mind..

and in the UK, the country code start with +44… oh… very bad, very bad for the Chinese…  No wonder my mum got so worried everyday when I was in the UK.

So, why 8 is expensive?  Because 8 is pronounced the same as “Prosperous, rich” in cantonese…  thus the August 8th 2008 Olympics is supposed to be a lucky date for the Chinese!!

And thus this car number, mmm….expensive card:


More numbers read later…  now it’s raining cats outside and I am hungry…

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