8pm – He was sitting on the edge of the little green patch along side the modern shopping lane, in a bright-orange but worn T-shirt, trousers rolled up knee-high. He was just sitting there… with no facial expression at all… He glanced a bit at the huge construction site opposite the road, but basically was not looking at anything… Legs swang slightly every few seconds unconsciously.

Another man was lying next to him on the grass, facing the sky, no movement.. 

On the shopping lane behind them, a businessman was about to walk into a Japanese restaurant.  Ignoring the waitresses’ soft bow and Japanese greeting line, he paused to finish the chat on his blue-tooth phone mic in his ear – looking more like a stand-up comedian with no audience..

“Ghrrr…..”the lying man suddenly started to clear his throat.  He turned his head towards the other side, “puueeiii..!!”  and made his contribution to the grass….then resumed into his “facing the sky… no movement” motion, hardly distracting his mate at all, who was still… staring into nothingness…

Across the road (a normal main road in Beijing, which is as wide as a normal British highway, serious – those of you who doubt can ask Ed..), three dark orange-coloured massive crane were extending their claw towards different directions…  For a second, you feel as if you were in the cartoon “Transformers”… (not the movie, because I haven’t seen it.. )